Westair CPL – Student Testimonials

Westair CPL Training Aircraft

Paul Crabtree

“Having been messed about previously by schools who promised the earth but delivered very little, I was getting a bit desperate to find a school that would look after me and live up to the promises they put on the websites. I dropped very lucky with Westair- they do exactly as promised, and do it in a pleasant, friendly way. All the staff I came across there were accommodating and always willing to chat and help out. Stuart was fantastic- a great instructor and as we hit the worst weather patch of the year- his great “can-do” attitude and flexibility got me through the CPL very quickly.”

“The mock test set up is great and really prepares you for the actual test. Blackpool is a great place to fly from, and has everything you need for a thorough CPL course within easy reach. The aircraft are in good condition, looked after and reliable. Having had some bad experiences before, I can wholeheartedly recommend Westair.”

Adil Gill

“I have completed my CPL with Westair. I would highly recommend the school to all the aviation enthusiasts who want to pursue a career in aviation.My instructor Stuart is highly experienced with a huge depth of knowledge and skills.”


“Westair were a great choice for my modular CPL course. Working full time, they had excellent availability at the weekends which was important for me. Provided one booked sufficiently far in advance, there was never any issue getting training slots. Towards the end as I got closer to my skills test date, they were extremely flexible in arranging extra brush up sessions/making the aircraft available etc. They could not do enough!

“I found Blackpool as an airfield excellent for training. They have all the facilities; controlled airfield, NDB, ILS etc so even on days were conditions were not great we generally didn’t get held back. In addition, the airfield has some jet traffic and with that all the formalities (ATIS etc) so one got the ‘proper experience’ but was not too constrained as to make training difficult. With Liverpool/Manchester to the South and Leeds to the East, there were always plenty of options for challenging NAV legs for practice in finding obscure places going in and out of controlled airspace.”

“I learnt a huge amount and they were able to get me to a standard to allow a clean pass CPL on first attempt. Thanks a lot all at Westair!”

Oliver HoIding

“I was very satisfied with the CPL course at Westair. I felt that I progressed well through the course, that the instruction was good and was trained to a standard that was higher than what was required from the exam.”

“Being able to do the course on a part-time basis was extremely important for me because I was not in a position to leave work to do the course full-time. I felt that Westair was very accommodating of my requirements in this way.”

“The arrow is a really nice aircraft. Although I didn’t get on with it initially due to the added complication of the gear and variable pitch prop, I did enjoy flying it by the end of the course. It’s in really nice condition, everything works and it looks good.”

Jamie Keenan

“A very enjoyable experience throughout. A big thank you to Stuart (instructor) for sticking with me and Louise and Stuart M for assisting with the admin etc.”

Fabio Tozzi

“Westair were a very well organised school who made it possible for me to achieve my CPL alongside a full time job in 8 weeks by giving me a block of bookings weekend after weekend, they are a welcoming school who go the extra mile to helping you achieve your goal, the training was tough but well delivered and got you in to the mind set of acting like a commercial pilot should. The training I received will stand with me for the rest of my flight career.”

Alex McAvoy

“Stuart was incredibly helpful and was easy to learn from. Great availability, easy to fit lessons around work etc. The mock flight test with Peter B was very helpful with simulating the conditions of the day. Thank you.”