EASA Flight Instructor Course (Restricted)

Westair Flying School Aircraft Outside Hangar 8 Blackpool

The EASA Flight Instructor Course (FI) teaches you the full PPL lesson syllabus and how to instruct to PPL or LAPL standard.

The aim of the EASA Flight Instructor (FI) course is to raise the proficiency of your flying to an instructional standard. You will learn how to teach to the required EASA PPL standard and how to communicate this information to your students. Your knowledge of flight and the handling of light aircraft will improve significantly and teaching someone to fly can be a very rewarding experience.

The FI course is a minimum of 30 hours of flight training in the aircraft and you need to complete 125 hours of ground school, learning how to teach the EASA PPL syllabus, and how to instruct students.

The course is taught in our Cessna 152 two seat training aircraft, which are also those used when learning to fly. If you want to undertake the FI course in one of our 4 seat aircraft please contact the school for further discussion.

EASA Flight Instructor FI(R) to PPL/LAPL standard – pre-course requirements

• Hold a valid EASA PPL(A)
• Hold an EASA Class 1 or 2 medical
• Have 200 hours total flight time.
• Have 150 hours time pilot in command.
• Have 30 hours time on the type of aircraft in which training will be given.
• Have 5 hours in the last 6 months on the type of aircraft in which training will be given.
• Passed CPL/ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Examinations
• Have completed a cross country flight of 300nm/540km with 2 landings away from the point of departure.
• Have completed a pre flight FI course assessment flight at Westair to assess suitability prior to commencing the course.
• Minimum age for licence issue: 18 years

Note that you can instruct for the LAPL licence on an EASA PPL licence, and you do not need to have passed the CPL/ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Examinations.

EASA Flight Instructor FI(Restricted) – who can I instruct?

When you first qualify as a flight instructor for EASA PPL or LAPL you are issued with a Restricted licence. This means that you cannot send students on their first solo flight or first solo cross country flight, and that there must be a supervising senior instructor available to give advice if required. You can have the restriction lifted when you have delivered more than 100 hours flight training, and authorised students on 25 solo flights.

EASA Flight Instructor FI (restricted) – what is included in the course?

  • 30 hours flight training in a Cessna 152 aircraft.
  • 50 landings at Blackpool Airport.
  • 125 hours of ground school tuition.
  • Flight Instructor Training Manuals for the approved PPL/LAPL Syllabus.
  • The cost of the FI(R) training package is £7200 as at 01/09/2019.

If you would like more information or discuss this further please email school@westair.uk.com or call 01253 342660