CPL Preparation and Hour Building


Structure your hour building with our professional guidance

on the route to becoming a commercial pilot.

Between your PPL and CPL you will be required to gain experience and flying hours to meet the pre-entry requirements of the CPL course. Many people spend this time flying in the local area to build up their flying hours, gaining little in the way of well rounded flying experience. Whilst this does add to your experience, flying on your own can lead to bad habits and complacency.

At Westair we have developed a structured plan so that you use your hour building to prepare you for your commercial flight training. Throughout your hour building you will periodically fly with an instructor who will maintain your flying standards and set new targets for you to achieve when flying solo.

Supplementary instrument flight training will provide a good foundation for your instrument rating will mean that you have a good basic understanding of instrument flying.

The scheme culminates in a series of flights in the PA28 to introduce you to the aircraft that you will do the majority of your commercial training on. This allows you to become comfortable in the aircraft and look at some of the skills and techniques that you will have to learn on the CPL prior to actually starting the course.

Pre-course requirements

  • Hold a current licence
  • Hold a current and valid Single Engine Piston rating
  • Hold a current medical

Course details

  • This is not a formal course but rather a recommended plan to get the most out of your hour building in preparation for your commercial pilot’s licence.  It can be structured or adjusted to meet individual needs.


CPL Preparation and Hour Building Package

What’s included

  • 80 hours of solo hire in a Cessna 150
  • 10 hours of instruction in a Cessna 150
  • 10 hours of instruction in a PA28
  • 10 hours of solo hire in a PA28
  • 100 landings at Blackpool
  • Joining fee (if applicable)
  • Club membership (if applicable)

What’s not included & other Information

  • Club rules regarding currency on aircraft type must be adhered to.
  • A check flight with an instructor may be required if you haven’t flown this type of aircraft recently.
  • Minimum usage restrictions may apply for bookings longer than half a day.
  • The option to upgrade to a more complex aircraft is available at an additional charge.


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