Why choose Westair Engineering?


When looking for a maintenance centre for your aircraft, ask yourself these important questions:

  • Is the company well established?
  • How reputable is it?
  • How experienced are the engineers?
  • Will they communicate honestly about defects and costs?
  • Do they have a stock of parts to support my aircraft?

We have been maintaining aircraft for over 70 years and are longest established authorised Cessna Services Centre in Europe. In this time we have established a reputation for quality and safety second to none.
Our current engineering team have over 170 years of experience maintaining all types of light aircraft. We will not use unskilled labour or apprentices on your aircraft. A price list is no substitute for honest communication. We will ensure that you are kept up-to-date with your aircraft’s progress in a way to suit you. Our parts department holds over 10,000 items to support the needs of the aircraft we maintain and as a service centre, we are linked direct to Cessna’s part department in Witchita.

Can you maintain my aircraft?

engineering_hangarWe have approvals for maintaining most light single engine and multi engine piston aircraft. We can provide ARC renewals and issues as we are approved as a continuous airworthiness management organisation (CAMO) by EASA. We are qualified and equipt to maintain turboprops and light jets such as Cessna single and multi-engine turboprops, Beech Kingair and Citation, whether operated privately or under an AOC.

Can you maintenance my U.S registered aircraft?

Yes, our chief engineer is a fully qualified FAA A&P mechanic. So even an N registered aircraft can be dealt with in house and changes of registry can be dealt with easily.

How do the 2009 EASA regulation changes affect me?

The main change that is likely to affect you is the ARC which replaces the old Certificate of Airworthiness. This ARC must be completed by a Part M company such as Westair.

Will you use unskilled labour or apprentices on my aircraft?

The answer is no. Our current engineering team has over 170 years of experience between them maintaining all types of light aircraft and we only use skilled labour on your aircraft.

What happens if a defect is found during a check?

It’s up to you! We won’t do any work on the aircraft that you’re not happy with us doing. Prior to any work commencing we will gladly discuss with you the basis on which we deal with defects found.

Can you rectify defects at other airports?

If you should experience any problem whilst enroute on a flight we will arrange a solution to best suit you. We can dispatch a maintenance team to your aircraft’s location to get it back up and running as soon as possible, either by road or, by air, using one of our flying school’s aircraft, if time is important to you. Often the most cost effective solution however is to arrange a local maintenance contractor to carry out defect investigation and rectification. We can manage this and ensure that the work is carried out to an appropriate standard and paperwork is completed correctly.

How much will it cost?

The honest answer is, we don’t know. Like all maintenance companies we are happy to give prices for basic inspections, however this can be misleading. A price list can never honestly give an accurate indication of the final cost. At Westair we believe in giving you, the customer, three things; quality, communication and control. Prior to any work commencing we will gladly discuss with you the basis on which we deal with defects found. We are perfectly comfortable with you giving us a limit for labour and parts costs beyond which we will consult you.

SEP Prices (Fixed Undercarriage)
Inspection Man Hours Price
50hr 8 From £352
150hr 15 From £660
Annual 40 From £1,760