Exam Sittings FAQ


All exams need to be taken within 6 sittings. Each sitting is a maximum of 10 days so it is necessary to take multiple exams in the same sitting. There is no specific order that the exams have to be taken however Air Law must be passed before you can fly solo. As such we suggest you sit this first. Below you can find our suggested breakdown of the subjects by sitting. Similar subjects have been grouped together. Human Factors and Communications are generally considered to be slightly easier than some of the other exams so it may be worth considering taking these in an earlier sitting depending on your own confidence.

Sitting Exams
1 Air Law
Operational Procedures
2 Meteorology
3 Navigation
Flight Performance & Planning
4 Aircraft General Knowledge
Principles of Flight
5 Human Factors
Communications plus
6 Resits

What happens if I fail an exam?

If you fail an exam you can re-take it twice more at Westair. After that you can retake it once more but this has to be done with the CAA at Gatwick. If an exam is failed more that 4 times then all exam passes are forfeited and all ground exams have to be taken again. If you retake an exam which you have failed this will automatically start a new sitting even if it is within the 10 days.

How long do the exams last?

Exams must be taken within a period 18 months. This time period begins at the end of the month in which the first exam was set. If all the exams are not completed in this time period then all exams must be sat again. Passes in the theoretical exams will be accepted for the grant of a PPL during the 24 months from the date of successfully completing all the examinations.

Confused? We don’t blame you. Let’s give an example. If you sit your first exam on the 1st of January 2014 then you will have until 31 July 2015 to complete all of your exams. If you complete your last exam on the 12th of March 2014 then you will need to have submitted your paperwork for your PPL application by 12th March 2016.