Beyond the PPL

school_obanHave you recently passed your PPL skills test are wondering what to do next? Have you not flown in a while and want to get back into flying? The Beyond the PPL scheme is the opportunity to make the most of your hard earned Private pilots Licence. Westair will guide you and fellow pilots to gain the confidence to use your licence to its full potential and provide a friendly atmosphere to meet like minded PPLs to go flying with.

Training and Tutorials

As part of the scheme we will be encouraging additional training. None of this is mandatory but is intended to build your confidence in your own abilities and will be tailored to what you want to get out of your PPL. These include training schemes to teach short field techniques, grass landings and navigation trips to busier airports. In addition to this there are still the approved courses like the IMC and night rating.

There will be also a series of evening tutorials. Here are a few of the topics we are planning:

  • Multicrew cooperation & how to work as a team in the cockpit
  • Radio refresher courses
  • Advanced flight planning and GPS usage
  • A practical guide to IMC flying
  • Long distance touring in the UK
  • Flying abroad – It’s easier than you think

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