school_ground_brief_2Our flying school offers the highest quality of training for students. There are two approved Private Pilots courses available to you, both of which are offered at Westair. We also offer additional advanced training to further your skills.

You Can Fly Aeroplanes & Helicopters SSEA & SLMG Aeroplanes & Helicopters
Medical Requirements Class 2 medical with AME GP Medical declaration LAPL Medical with AME or GP1
Minimum Training Hours 45hrs 32hrs 30hrs
Validity Life2 Life2 Life2
Currency 12 hrs3 12 hrs3 12 hrs PIC + 1hr training flight4
A/C Weight Limits Up to 5,700kg Up to 2,000kg Up to 2,000kg5
Ground Exams 9 multi-choice 9 multi-choice 9 multi-choice
Aircraft Privilege Renewal Aeroplanes – 2 years 2 years Rolling recency scheme: Aeroplane – 2 years
Passengers? Yes, non-paying Up to 3 non-paying Up to 3 non-paying6

1 – GP must be approved
2 – Subject to medical
3 – 8 hours must be Pilot in Command and 1 hour must be with an instructor
4 – 1 Hours training flight must be in previous 2 years
5 – Non-complex aircraft only
6 – Must complete 10 hours after licence issue before carrying passengers