IR(R) Rating

Once you’ve obtained your PPL, and probably before, you will encounter frustration as flights are cancelled due to bad weather. The IR(R) rating allows the holder to fly in less than perfect weather. The UK IR(R) rating may not be placed onto an EASA licence. EASA does however have it’s own equivalent rating known as as the Instrument Rating (Restricted). Once you have obtained the UK IMC rating you may apply to the UK CAA to have an IR (Restricted) endorsed on your EASA licence. Neither the IMC or the IR (R) rating can be added to an LAPL. The ratings are also confined to UK airspace only.

Topics of the IR(R) course include:

  • Basic Instrument Flying
  • Instrument Flying with limited panel
  • Recovery from unusual attitudes on full and limited panel
  • Position fixes and instrument let downs


  • 15 hours flying including 10 hours with sole reference to the instruments.
  • 20 hours ground instruction
  • 1 Ground exam
  • 1 Skill test

Note that these requirements are a legal minimum and the number of actual hours required to obtain the licence depend on frequency of lessons and the student’s ability. Also note that the UK IR(R) rating is designed as a ‘get you out of trouble’ qualification and not as a replacement for the full Instrument Rating.

If you’re interested in getting a Westair IR(R) student’s perspective of the course, then follow the link for an entertaining and enlightening read.

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Part 3 – ………… follow


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