The alternative route is the NPPL (National Private Pilot’s Licence). The NPPL covers the same topics as the EASA- PPL but benefits from having slightly lower requirements. The minimum flying time is only 32 hours and only a doctor’s certificate from your own GP is required. The NPPL, however, does have fewer privileges. The licence is only valid in the UK and the weather must be more suitable to fly. Additional ratings such as IMC or night ratings cannot be added.


  • 32 hours total flying time
  • 22 hours dual instruction
  • 10 hours of solo flight
  • 4 hours solo cross country
  • 1 cross country trip at least 100nm, landing at 2 other aerodromes
  • Medical Certificate signed by GP (completed before flying solo)
  • 9 Multiple Choice Ground Exams (click here for more information)
  • Radio Telephany Practical Exam
  • Navigation Skills Test
  • General Handling Skills Test

Note that these requirements are a legal minimum and the number of actual hours required to obtain the licence depend on frequency of lessons and the student’s ability. Also note that the NPPL is currently valid until April 2018. After this point the licence will need to be converted to an LAPL. If you are just starting your training we suggest that you choose either the EASA PPL or LAPL.


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