G-BORL Non-equity Group

Westair PA28 G-BORL


Westair offer a non-equity scheme for G-BORL. If you are intending on flying regularly then non-equity schemes are the cheapest way to do it short of buying your own aircraft. You can hire our PA-28 at only £100 an hour!

What is “Non-equity”?

In a non-equity scheme, just like owning a share in a group owned aircraft you pay a monthly fee but each time you fly the hourly rate is significantly reduced.

However, unlike traditional group owned aircraft you don’t own a share of the aircraft. This leaves all of the responsibilities with Westair!

What are the benefits?

The obvious benefit is cost. If you are planning on flying regularly then the lower hourly rate makes it the cheapest way to fly with an hourly rate of only £100. Instruction and landings are charged at the normal Westair rate.

By limiting the number of members, you can also ensure that you don’t have to worry about aircraft availability.

Non-equity schemes also have benefits over traditional group ownership schemes. All maintenance fees are covered by Westair ensuring that you won’t be left with an unwanted and unplanned maintenance bill to pay!

You also don’t have to invest a large chunk of capital in a share. The only extra cost is a regular monthly charge of £125 a month, there are no leaving fee or minimum usage. In our scheme you can leave, no questions asked with just six months notice.

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