Flying costs can vary enormously from club to club, some include VAT, some instruction or a combination of both, others quote you for ‘dry’ time. ‘Dry Time’ means you pay the hourly rate for the aircraft and then add on the cost of the fuel used during your flying. What started out as a reasonable cost ends up being a lot more expensive than you thought or perhaps budgeted for.

At Westair we believe in keeping the charges clear and simple. The price you see is the price you pay per hour of flying time ‘Wet’, i.e. the price includes the fuel used, with charges being broken down into 5 minute increments. Flying time starts from the moment the aircraft wheels move under your own power to the moment they finally come to a stop after the flight. This is known as “brakes on” to “brakes off”. There are no hidden extras, the rates shown below include VAT, fuel and instruction. The only additional cost is the landing fees.

Aircraft Instruction Self Hire
C-150 £145 £120
C-152 £150 £125
C172 £175 £150
PA28 £175 £150
C172S £180 £155

All of these prices include VAT. The only additional cost is landings at just £13.50 for a two seat aircraft and £16 for a four seat aircraft (including VAT).

We also offer a number of packages designed for every type of pilot whether you are just starting or looking to make the jump to a commercial pilot.


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