Light Aircraft Pilots Licence (LAPL) – Package

Learn to fly for just £4,995.00

Westair Cessna

This is unbeatable value and the most cost effective route to gaining your Light Aircraft Pilots Licence (LAPL)


The 30 hours pre-paid Westair Light Aircraft Pilots Licence LAPL Package

• 30 hours flight training and instruction (Cessna 150/152),
• 50 landings
• £90’s worth of essential books, manuals and equipment
• Free Joining Fee and Membership for the year in which you join
• Westair Flight Training Bag

The Westair package will save you over £400:00

 Essential facts

• The legal minimum number of hours you must have trained before an LAPL can be issued is 30hrs.
• Once you have gained your LAPL licence you must complete a further 10 hours solo flying time before you take passengers.
• Solo hours are charged at £120.00 per hour in the Cessna 150 aircraft.
• Students must be over 18 years of age before beginning this course of training.

This Westair Light Aircraft Pilots Licence (LAPL) package – includes

  • 30hrs Instruction in a 2 seater Cessna 150/152 aircraft (£150 per hour) – £4,500.00
  • 50 Landings at Blackpool Airport (£13 per landing) – £650.00
  • Westair Flying School Joining Fee & First Years’ Membership Fee – £160.00
  • Pooley’s Pilot’s Flying Log Book – £10.50
  • Pooley’s Air Pilot’s Manual 1 – Flying Training – £23.00
  • Pooley’s Check List for the aircraft type – £7.50
  • Pooley’s CB-1 Knee Board – £18.95
  • Westair Flight Bag – £34.99

This would normally cost £5404.94 – our package will save you a total of £409.94

We believe in giving you all the information you require, up front, so there are no surprises

• There are a further 5 Pooleys Pilot Manuals which students may require to complete the LAPL exam subjects

• You will also need basic items of equipment, such as pens, rulers, the CRP1 Flight Computer slide rule and CAA charts – these books/equipment are available from Westair Flying School.

• All students must pass an LAPL medical before they can fly an aircraft solo. Medicals may be provided by your GP, or from an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME). Medicals last for several years from the date of issue depending on age.

• All students must pass the 9 multiple choice exams before taking their flight test. Each exam can be taken up to 3 times if necessary. It costs £25.00 to sit each exam and they can be taken on Westair premises.

• Students must pass a Radio Practical exam.

• You will be put forward for the flight test when you have completed the full training syllabus, passed your written exams, and can demonstrate that you can fly the aircraft safely. This may take more than the 30 hours and 50 landings included in the package.

• You will be responsible for the CAA licence application fee and any additional training hours or landings required.

• The cost of the flight test is not included in this package.

You can read more information here at CAA EASA Light Aircraft Pilots LAPL Requirments 


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