Multi Engine Piston (MEP) rating – Diamond DA62

Westair Diamond DA62 image
The Westair EASA Multi Engine Piston (MEP) course teaches you to fly the twin engine DA62 aircraft.

The aim of the Multi Engine Piston (MEP) rating course is to teach you to fly twin engine piston aircraft. The MEP course is a minimum of 6 hours of flight training and 7 hours classroom training. At the end of the course you will sit a multiple choice written paper ground exam, and take a skill test with a CAA approved MEP rated examiner.

The course is taught in the Westair Diamond DA62 seven seat twin engine aircraft. The DA62 is a modern composite aircraft using twin Diamond AE330 jet fuel piston engines. It has full glass cockpit using latest generation Garmin G1000 NXi twin screen technology.

The aircraft is highly automated and unlike other older twin engine aircraft, there is no need to manage mixtures and propeller controls; this is a two lever control system and along with the glass cockpit it positions students perfectly for transition towards commercial and light jet aircraft.

The DA62 has a top speed of 192kts(TAS) and a 75% power cruise speed of 171kts (TAS) at 12,000’. The aircraft is not pressurised and it has a service ceiling of 20,000’.

Westair Diamond DA62 Garmin 1000NXi Cockpit
Westair Diamond DA62 Garmin 1000NXi Cockpit

EASA  Multi Engine Piston (MEP) – pre-course entry requirements

• Hold a valid EASA PPL(A)
• Hold an EASA Class 1 or 2 medical
• Have 70 hours time pilot in command.

Westair EASA  Multi Engine Piston (MEP)  – what is included in the course?

  • 6 hours flight training in a Diamond DA62 aircraft.
  • 7 hours of ground school tuition.
  • 20 landings at Blackpool Airport.
  • The first attempt at the written exam paper (second attempt £50.00)

The cost of the MEP DA62 training package is £4195; extra instructed hours in the DA62 are available at £ 594.00 per hour and additional DA62 landings at Blackpool Airport are charged at £30.00.

Solo hire rate for the DA62 for the test is charged at £ 534.00 per hour; the skill test fee is payable to the examiner and licence update fees are payable to the CAA.

Please note that passing the MEP rating will not qualify you to immediately hire the DA62 aircraft. Due to insurance and leasing conditions Westair are obliged to demonstrate that pilots with MEP ratings also have sufficient experience to operate this complex glass cockpit highly automated aircraft. This will be assessed on a case by case basis based on experience and competency.

Details of DA62 experience building training and use of the Westair G1000 Simulator are available by following this link here.

All prices include VAT and are correct as at 1/12/2020