Westair G1000 Flight Training Simulator

The Westair Diamond DA62 and DA40 aircraft are modern glass cockpit aircraft using the Garmin G1000 twin screen system.

Flying the Westair Diamond DA62 and DA40 aircraft requires that you have sound working knowledge of the Garmin G1000 system and that you can move between the Electronic Flight Information Systems (EFIS), Engine Management Systems (EMS) and electronic navigation and tracking systems with ease and confidence.

Becoming proficient in the use of these systems can be achieved on the ground in our Westair G1000 Flight Training simulator.

Learning to fly the aircraft is considerably easier if you are not learning to operate the glass cockpit systems at the same time and it is considerably less expensive to spend time in the simulator with an instructor than to fly the aircraft.

Westair Diamond/Garmin 1000 Flight Training Simulator image
The Westair G1000 Flight Training Simulator – teaches proficiency in a complex cockpit

The Westair G1000 Simulator is a highly realistic cockpit environment with full panel and control replication, so you can be at ease with all the system functions before you commence flight training in the actual aircraft.

The Westair G1000 Basic Training Course

The aim of the course is to familiarise you with the systems and controls used when flying the Diamond DA40/62 aircraft. In addition to becoming familiar with control functions, the training will cover airspeeds and limitations for the aircraft and prepare you for your first flight in the aircraft. The course includes the following modules:

  • Familiarisation with the PFD and MFD Displays.
  • System startup procedures, Transponder Operation, Comm & Nav Radios, and the Audio Panel.
  • Navigation and MFD Mapping, Using the NEAREST and DIRECT TO Functions.
  •  Creating and Flying a Flight Plan, Selecting and Activating an Approach.
  • Basic AUTOPILOT Function and Operation.

The course will include briefing sessions and practical exercises where you practice what you have been shown whilst ‘flying’ the simulator. At the end of the course you should be able to demonstrate basic competency in the use of the G1000 systems so that you are then able to make the most of your flight training in the Westair Diamond aircraft.

The 3 hour course will take place over 3 sessions spread over a period agreed to be convenient for all parties. The cost of the complete course is £195.00.

The Westair G1000 Simulator Overview Session

This is an exhilarating event lasting 40 minutes and aims to give you an insight into using the Garmin G1000 systems in the Diamond DA62 aircraft. The instructor will guide you through everything you need to know and will quickly get you flying the simulator and using the glass cockpit systems.

The simulator event lasts 40 minutes and costs £50.00.

Solo use of The Westair G1000 Basic Training Simulator

Westair club members who have completed the Westair G1000 Basic Training Course will be able to hire the simulator on a solo basis.

This enables students and PPLs to stay current in using the Garmin G1000 systems or to refresh themselves if they have had a break in their training or flying.

Solo use of the Westair G1000 Simulator is charged at £35.00 per hour.

This simulator is not CAA certified and you cannot log time in the Westair G1000 Simulator towards training or flight times.

All prices include VAT and are correct as at 01/12/2020.