Aircraft Management

corporate_crewWestair can offer the best in aircraft management. Our services cover everything including from the initial sourcing of aircraft to the day to day logistics including crew, maintenance and flight planning. We provide all the services you need for corporate jet ownership in the 21st Century. For the aspiring owner and as experts in Aircraft Management and Acquisition we can help deliver a service that is second to none, giving you piece of mind from start to finish.

Group Ownership

Occasionally clients wish to share ownership with friends or associates. This can be a very cost effective way of reducing fixed overheads but needs to be managed in a manner that is fair and equitable to all parties. Westair has past experience of managing shared aircraft successfully over a number of years and would be happy to discuss the pros and cons of this type of arrangement.

Public Transport

corporate_be90_apronChartering out your aircraft to third parties is often an option clients wish to explore in order to generate an income from their asset. There are regulations that govern the operation of any aircraft for charter and therefore this option needs to be considered carefully. Although charter generates income and can have tax advtanges it can also to the add costs. Westair’s long experience in aircraft charter and management makes us the ideal choice to discuss your options.

There are many facets to aircraft operations on which we can advise; the important thing is that any operation is tailor made to the user’s needs and convenience. Talk to us, the advice is free!