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Modern facilities at a Brilliant Training Airport

Our Facilities

We are extremely proud of our modern Hangar. Downstairs we have a reception area and customer lounge complete with comfy sofas, self briefing stations and a coffee bar/refreshments bar. If it's warm enough why not enjoy our garden area.


Upstairs we have our briefing rooms and Garmin procedural trainer. We also have an observation lounge with balcony that gives wonderful views of the aircraft as they land and depart.

In the main hangar we have our engineering facility as well as our 737 and Virtual Reality simulators.

Westair Flight training Blackpool Airport
School Lounge.jpg


A great place to relax after a flight.

Hot drinks and snacks available form our Coffee Bar. 

Use our self briefing stations to prepare for your next flight.

Westair Flight training Blackpool Airport


Upstairs is our observation lounge with balcony giving panoramic views of the airport. Watch the aircraft taxi out and then take-off.


This viewpoint is the best on the airport to watch the aircraft taxi out and take-off.

We can also use this area as an extra briefing room.

Coffee bar.jpg


Freshly ground coffee, tea and snacks are available in our customer lounge. 

Flying Experiences at Blackpool Airport

Location, Location, Location

A superb microclimate, excellent facilities and an expansive local training area makes Blackpool airport ideal for learning to fly.


There is a reason why Blackpool is a famous seaside resort! The superb microclimate,

Blackpool's coastal location means that it often experiences better weather than inland airports such as Barton or Leeds. In fact Blackpool has better weather than other coastal airports such as Liverpool.

And on the rare(ish) occasion that it does rain, our tarmac runways mean that the flying doesn't stop.


Training from some other larger airports can mean that over 15 minutes of each lessons is spent getting to and from the more restrictive air traffic control areas.

At Blackpool we have the entire Fylde coast available to use immediately after getting airborne meaning that not a second of your flying time is wasted.

We also have only a small amount of commercial traffic meaning less time holding for larger aircraft.


Blackpool airport boasts two tarmac runways, both over 1,000m long. This gives great opportunity to really hone your landing skills. 


We have a number of instrument approaches including one of the few available RNP approaches in the country.

We also have Warton aerodrome just 5 minutes to the East which is often available for instrument approaches.


The spectacular scenery of the Lake District is only a half an hour's flight away.

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