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Westair Flying School at Blackpool Airport
With over 80 years in Aviation we a wealth of experience providing private and commercial flight training. In that time, we have trained thousands of pilots! 
Based at Blackpool airport, we have a range of aircraft from light Cessnas for Private training and hour building to our Diamond DA62 for commercial and instrument ratings.

We have a team of dedicated instructors and all of our ground staff are pilots too so they can give you advice based on first hand experience.
Meet our team

Our Crew

At Westair we pride ourselves on our friendly professional staff who have earned us our excellent reputation in the industry. Our Head of Training has been instructing for over 40 years and our Commercial CFI is a highly respected Examiner for the CAA. 

Flight Training at Blackpool Airport

Our Base

Our modern hangar facility offers the best training environment possible with multiple briefing rooms, a lounge and kitchen as well as a picnic area and observation deck.

Blackpool airport also has excellent facilities to help you get the most out of your flight training.

Pleasure Flights at Blackpool

Our Fleet

We have an extensive fleet of aircraft to suit any budget ranging from small two seaters to modern twin engine aircraft with the latest avionics suite.


Our aircraft are maintained by our in house to a high standard by our own Engineering department.

Aviation history at blackpool

Our History

With a story spanning four generations and over 80 years in Aviation, we have a history we are proud of.

Our company began in the 30s when Aviation in an era when air travel was a luxury. Since then we have gone from pleasure flying to charter operation to commercial flight training.

PPL and CPL flight training at blackpool

Our Courses

Westair Flying School offers a complete commercial flight training course that can take you from your first time in a cockpit to your first to your first job in Aviation.

Our modular approach allows you to control the pace of your training to fit with your life.

Pilot training prices

Our Prices

We value transparency in our pricing so you can be guaranteed there will be no hidden costs along the way.


Our modular approach to flight training allows for a massive reduction in the overall price you pay for a future career in aviation with absolutely no compromise in quality. 

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