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737 Flight Experiences at Blackpool Airport

737 Experience

Feel the thrill of flying a modern airliner with our is a state of the art Boeing 737 - 800 simulator!

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Ready to take control, Captain?

Take to the skies as Captain of our state of the art Boeing 737 jet simulator. From the moment that you step onto the flight deck, you will feel as though you are in charge of the real thing! Flight Experiences range from 30 Minutes to 5 hours, only at Blackpool Airport! 

E vouchers and Christmas gift packaging now available 

A short flight that will show you exactly what all of the controls do. It is a fast-paced yet highly enjoyable experience for you or to present as a gift.

You will begin at the gate, start the engines and taxi to the runway. Take off and get your passengers to their destination on time!

Once you've mastered a normal flight we will give you some challenging weather from strong crosswinds to fog.

The ultimate experience! We will throw everything at you from in flight emergencies to challenging airports such as Innsbruck in the Alps.

I recently received my 737Pro experience with Tom. It was an amazing event! Something that I have never seen before. The graphics and cockpit are truly realistic. I even had some pre flight nerves.

Tom was a great instructor, very patient and knowledgeable.


Take to the Captain's seat and fly the 737-800 from one of over destinations. Complete a full flight from take-off to the cruise and landing!


9 month gift voucher for use 7 days a week. Includes a free briefing before the flight and HD video of your simulator session. All vouchers can be issued as EVouchers to avoid postal disruption! 


Bring the family. Up to five guests can watch your flight from the passenger cabin. We also have an onsite lounge and outside picnic area.

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