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Night Rating

Build upon your piloting skills and adapt them for use during the hours of darkness whilst experiencing the transformation of the landscape and breath-taking views of the Blackpool lights at night.

Course Details

  • 5 hours total flight time including:

  • 3 hours of dual flight time

  • 1 hour solo flight time

  • 1 hour of navigation

  • 5 solo take-offs and 5 solo landings

  • The Night rating may be conducted as an additional part of the PPL course.

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About the course

The night rating consists of 5 hours during which you will fly locally, complete some night navigation and circuits. This will also include some emergency training focusing on problems specific to night flying. You must also complete 1 hour of solo flying including 5 take-offs and 5 landings. Whilst the night rating is available throughout the year, it is practically much easier to complete between the months of November and March. There is no specific ground school but your instructor will guide you through some of the physiological factors of flying at night. The course will also highlight the additional pre-flight considerations involved. It is possible to complete the Night Rating during your PPL.

Pre-entry Requirements

  • Class 2 medical (before solo)

  • May be completed as part of the PPL course

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