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Structured Hour Building

A structured way to complete your Commercial Hour Building and get a strong footing for your future training.

Course Details

  • 90 hours of aircraft hire including:

  • 75 hours of solo hire

  • 15 hours of dual instruction

  • A structured syllabus to gain the most experience with regular progress checks

  • Pastoral assistance throughout the Hour Building phase

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About the course

Many aspiring commercial pilots often aim to do their hour building the cheapest possible way, and end up simply fly around the local area. The problem with this is you aren't gaining what you need. Experience.
Our structured hour building course consists of 75 hours of solo flights with objectives to fulfil along with 15 hours of instruction to keep you on track and building valuable skills ready for your commercial training courses. This can be bought in three 30 hour packages.

Pre-entry Requirements

  • Hold at least a Class 2 medical

  • Hold a valid PPL(A) & Single Engine Piston rating

For more information about our training rates, please click on the link below. 

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