Westair Trial Flying Lesson Gift Vouchers

A Trial Flying Lesson with Westair – you choose

Whether you are interested in flying as a career or just want to get a unique gift for that special someone to give them the treat of a lifetime, a Westair Trial Flying Lesson is an excellent place to start! You have the choice of piloting a two or four seater aircraft for 20, 30 or 60 minutes.

Flying out of Blackpool Airport gives you the opportunity to view iconic landmarks, such as Blackpool Tower, the Fylde coastline, Morecambe Bay and if you choose to purchase our hour long trial lesson you may have the opportunity to view the breathtaking landscape of the Lake District from the sky.

If you wish you can choose to book a 4 seater aircraft and take your relatives along for the experience too!

Length 2 Seater 4 Seater
20min £50 £80
30min £95 £125
60min £150 £180
Half day experience £350 £399

Trial Flying Lesson – Gift Package

Westair Trial Flying LessonWhen you purchase a trial flying lesson from Westair we will send you a gift package in the post. Our package includes a trial flying lesson gift voucher, personalised with the name of the person receiving the gift. We will also enclose a number of documents explaining how to book your lesson, some safety do’s and don’ts as well as directions and car parking arrangements at Westair.

The voucher is valid for 9 months from the date of purchase.

We also offer an introductory book explaining in more detail what to expect during your flying lesson so that you can further appreciate the lesson and achieve more during your time in the air , included in the 60 minute package and can be bought separately for the shorter flights.

Buy now on line with payPal 


call us on 01253 342660 if you wish to purchase with a credit/debit card. 

Trial Lesson Name on Voucher payPal
Introductory Flying Lesson Book
(included for free with 60 min trial lessons)

Trial Flying Lesson – what to expect on the day

When you arrive for your trial lesson you will be briefed by a member of staff on some of the controls of the aircraft and the safety points of the flight. You will then be taken up in the air with one of our qualified instructors who will hand the controls over to you so that you can experience what it’s like to fly a plane.

We welcome you to bring family and friends along. We have a seating area in the clubhouse and also on the patio area where you can soak up the sun (when it shines!) and watch your aircraft depart. We have tea and coffee facilities. On the day wear comfortable casual clothes and sensible shoes – no high heels! Feel free to bring along cameras. Check out this video of one of our trial lessons.

Booking your Trial Flying Lesson

When you have a Trial Flying Lesson voucher and wish to book the flight just call 01253 342660.

We suggest that if you wish to book on a weekend then call us at least three to four weekends in advance. For a weekday slot, about a week to ten days should be all that is required.

Before setting off on the day, make sure to telephone Westair to check on the weather even if it’s blue skies out of the window!

Upgrade – share your lesson!

If you have a voucher for a 2 seat aircraft and would like to upgrade to a 4 seat aircraft so that 2 of your friends can enjoy the flight as well, just tell us when you book the flight in. An additional price of £40 (£50 for half day) is required which can be paid on the day.


There are a number of safety points that we need to bring to your attention before you fly with us:

  • Ensure children are supervised at all times
  • Do not go “airside”and onto the airfield apron without supervision
  • No smoking in the aircraft, apron or clubhouse.

For further details and to book your Half Day Experienceclick here