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Fast Track

Propel your training with our Fast Track programme

Course Details

  • 45 hours total flight time including:

  • 20 hours dual flight time

  • 10 hours solo flight time

  • 5 hours solo navigation

  • 9 theoretical exams & practical radiotelephony test

  • Practical Flight test

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About the course

Many people are happy learning to fly one or two lessons a week.
But some people wish to make faster progress than this allows, and a fast-track programme exists for those who want to make more rapid progress.

The Fast Track Programme requires that both the student and the instructor commit time and effort to deliver more rapid progress than in the standard training approach.
This approach allows the student to book the instructor and aircraft form either a half day (morning or afternoon) or a full day.

The student will attend the half or full day lesson and will have the dedicated attention of the instructor for that period. The student will be charged a fixed half day or full day instructor price.
The time in that period can be spent as the student wishes: The instructor will provide flight training if weather permits at Blackpool or any other local airport (having flown there from Blackpool).

The student may request 1:1 ground school coaching or exam preparation. There are no extra charges for this as you have booked the instructor for a fixed time already.
The lesson cannot be cancelled and will always go ahead.

The student will always be charged the fee for the instructor, and if an aircraft is used, the student will also be charged all costs for flights in the aircraft. Landing fees will also be charged as appropriate.

Students can mix the standard training approach with some fast-track sessions if they wish. Simply discuss this with your instructor and make the appropriate bookings.

Pre-entry Requirements

  • Class 2 medical (before solo)

  • Minimum age to begin training; 14 years old

  • Minimum age for solo: 16 years old

  • Minimum age for licence issue: 17 years old

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