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Providing high quality aircraft maintenance at Blackpool and Barton City Airport.

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Part CAO

Our Part CAO Approval enables us to carry out all regular maintenance and defect rectification on aircraft under 5,700kg. 

Airworthiness Management Contract Packages

Take the stress out of aircraft maintenance with a fully managed aircraft maintenance program.

Barton Aerodrome Maintenance Facilties

Our Facilities at Barton Aerodrome, Manchester are perfect for operators in the North West.

Our Part CAO approval (UK.CAO.0096) enables us to carry out ARC issues and extensions.

Careful and thorough record keeping is essential nowadays and the best way to ensure this is to have your aircraft maintained on a constant basis by a Part 145 approved maintenance organisation such as Westair Engineering Services. This ensures that the required maintenance is carried out and properly recorded, Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins are monitored and reviewed on a regular basis making ARC renewals a simple and inexpensive matter.

Part CAO Approval

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Airworthiness Review Certificates

The Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) is designed to ensure that all aircraft have a “life history”, a traceability for all Airworthiness Directives, mandatory Service Bulletins as well as Minor and Major modifications. It is also to verify the required servicing has been carried out in accordance with CAA, EASA & FAA regulations.

Basically all aircraft, to be legally issued an ARC, must have complete and concise traceability check carried out by either an approved company such as Westair Engineering Services, or by the CAA.


The Costs

At Westair, we can issue Initial Airworthiness Review Certificates at highly competitive prices. We also offer a complete Airworthiness Management Contract Package.

We will ensure your aircraft log books, Service Bulletins, Airworthiness Directives and all associated records are maintained to EASA requirements, which allows us to issue ARC`s instantaneously, saving you a great deal of hassle, time and the expensive costs of having an initial ARC every year.

Having Westair Engineering Services control the airworthiness for your aircraft means you only need an initial ARC every 3 years with the subsequent 2 years being a simple extension.

Payment for this service can be spread evenly over 12 months. Monthly contracts for airworthiness management start from only £60 per month +VAT.

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Our Barton Facilities

Westair has a fully operational satellite facility at Baron aerodrome.  We are fully approved to perform all maintenance at Barton including defect rectification and scheduled maintenance.

If you have an aircraft based at Barton or a surrounding airfield such as Liverpool John Lennon Airport or Manchester then Westair Engineering is the perfect solution.


Contact us today to talk about your aircraft being maintained at Barton or call the number below to talk directly to Barton engineers.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs involved?

Payment for Airworthiness Management can be spread evenly over 12 months. Monthly contracts start from only £60 per month +VAT.

What are your qualifications?

Westair Engineering Services hols a Part CAO approval (UK.CAO.0096) which enables us to carry out ARC issues and extensions.

What does Part-CAO even mean?

CAO stands for Combined Airworthiness Organisation. CAMO stands for Continuing Airwothiness Managment Orgnaisation Prior to 2021, Westair and many other Mainenance facilities came under Part-CAMO, covering all maintenance operations from Cessna 152s to Airbus A380s. In 2021, Part Part-CAO was introduced to specifically cover for "Light Aircraft" up to 5,700kg MTOW. Effectively Part CAO is for "small CAMOs" such as Westair which deal specifically with non-complex, commercial aircraft operators.